Leadership Recognition

“Leadership in the OCDSB is the demonstration of personal initiative to achieve a positive outcome.”


Regina students have previously been recognized by the “Gottawalk Coalition” and the City of Ottawa and were awarded a certificate of appreciation for their “efforts to improve Mud Lake Walk, thus giving the Citizens of Ottawa another enjoyable place to walk with nature,” as students do annual cleanups of the Mud Lake pathways, as well as Ottawa parkland and our school yard. Students annually raise hundreds of dollars for the Heart and Stroke Foundation through Jump Rope for Heart, and collect pennies for different initiatives. This year students raised over $1000 to help find a cure for cancer in our annual Terry Fox Walk/Run event. In addition to informal recognition on a regular basis, we also acknowledge students’ contributions in our classrooms, school announcements, newsletters, monthly assemblies, and end-of-year awards ceremonies. As well, we recognize student leadership by incorporating their suggestions into our planning.


Our staff members have a wealth of experience and professional qualifications including Bachelors and Masters degrees in Arts, French, Education and Sciences, as well as additional qualifications in Special Education, English as a Second Language, Guidance, Reading, Primary Education, Mathematics and Computers in Education. Teachers continue to actively participate in numerous Board-wide professional development activities in literacy and numeracy, differentiation, assessment, the arts, special education, etc., and we recognize their initiative by providing and supporting opportunities for further professional growth. We appreciate the leadership shown by staff members throughout the year as they run food programs, bake sales, team sports, cross country running, and a variety of clubs and activities for students. They make our students’ lives much richer with the time that they give freely. Grade five and six teachers run all of our food programs in order to raise enough money to allow all grade five and six students to participate in three-day camp experiences at MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre at no cost to the students. They learn about many aspects of nature, weather, animal survival, map reading, orienteering, etc. This is an invaluable experience for our students. Our Regina office staff and custodial staff are very professional in looking after our school, parents, staff and students. We recognize staff leadership via personal interactions with one another, letters of thanks, school announcements, school newsletters, assemblies, and performance appraisals.


Last year, our parents and wonderful community volunteers contributed many hours of support for the benefit of students in our school. Volunteers work with groups of students, read with children, work in the library, do special presentations to students, and develop our gardens and more. Our School Council last year contributed about $2000 to support the school with literacy and science resources, to support our Art Gallery night, etc. Our Council has supported setting up a Parent Resource Library in our school with books and videos on a wide variety of topics of interest to parents. As invaluable partners, we thank our parents, guardians and volunteers on an on-going basis, and look for opportunities to acknowledge them such as school announcements, school newsletters, and our annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. We celebrate all the good things that happen at Regina with our annual Family Pot Luck Dinner!


Regina was very fortunate to be awarded a $2000 S’Cool Life Fund Grant to augment our music program with a full class set of djembe drums. With a $600 grant from M.A.S.C. and a $1000 grant from the Education Foundation of Ottawa, we set up a program, learning from drumming experts. We were awarded a $2000 grant from the Marjorie Loughrey Artists in the Schools Programs to continue to build capacity with our drumming initiative as well as incorporating dance. With the Angela Attfield Memorial Fund, set up for student activities after the sad passing of our long-time Regina Office Administrator 3 years ago, the school purchased quality table tennis tables for all students to use in Phys. Ed. and recess activity to develop their skills and to enjoy. The Sage Kiwanis Club supports our school with money from time-to-time for books for our library, extra school supplies and emergency food for lunches. The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa supports our annual Read-a-thon. We receive Ottawa 67’s tickets for our students, sponsored by Minto Developments and Premier Agendas. We are very thankful for the support to our school from all of these organizations. We recognize our community partners through our school announcements, school newsletters, school web site, principal’s report to School Council, and thank you cards.

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